New Zealand Sunset Photos

I love watching colour burst from the sky as the sun sets beyond the horizon. Living in New Zealand, sunset is a treat I get to enjoy often. Recently I moved all my photos to Lightroom. While I sort through 10 years of images I am reminded of many things, including spectacular sunsets in New Zealand. Here are a few I have found so far, in no particular order:

Sunset seen from Army Bay beach in Shakespear Park, New Zealand

Sunset shot from Army Bay beach in Shakespear Park.

Sunset off of Motuora Island, New Zealand

At anchor off of Motuora Island in the Hauraki Gulf.

Sunset seen on the bridge into Mission Bay Auckland, New Zealand

Shot from the car while crossing the bridge into Mission Bay (in traffic so heavy, we were actually stopped).

Sunset at Rocky Bay, Waiheke Island, New Zealand

At anchor in Rocky Bay, Waiheke Island (Waiheke Island is one of the wine regions in the Auckland area).

Sunset seen while racing on the Huraki Gulf in New Zealand

Looking back at two boats rounding the buoy during a yacht race.

Muriwai Beach at sunset in New Zealand

The “Wild West Coast” was looking pretty calm on this low tide evening on Muriwai Beach.

Stormy sunset in Waipu Cove, New Zealand

The clouds formed by the impending rain made for a lovely sunset. This one from a campsite in Waipu Cove, several hours north of Auckland.

Sunset in Russell New Zealand

The Bay of Islands in known for its beauty and this evening did not disappoint. Shot in Russell near the ferry terminal.

Sunset seen while racing on the Huraki Gulf in New Zealand

Looking back on a long leg of a twilight race as the sun set over the horizon. Red sky at night . . . sailors delight.

Golden hour in Okoromai Bay, New Zealand

The golden hour, just before sunset is one of my favourite times of the day. This shot was taken from our deck.

Night Photography Workshop in Auckland, New Zealand

I took this one during a night photography workshop in Auckland.

My current camera is an Olympus OMD Em5 Mark II. Many of these images are from several years ago shot on other gear. All yacht racing photos were shot on my iPhone, often just after we crossed the finish line.

Do you prefer to watch the sunset from the beach, a boat, or from indoors?

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A collection of sunset photo shot in New Zealand

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  1. says

    Your sunsets are gorgeous. I love them no matter where I am – sitting on a chair, standing on the beach, or in a boat. Being by the water or on the water makes the beautiful sky even more special.

  2. says

    Hi Rhonda – we get some pretty good sunsets here and sunrises for that matter … but I’ve got the iphone and I’m not particularly adept at using it … but love these shots – and I’m sure your sunset and morning views are that much richer in NZ … cheers Hilary

    • says

      That is my favourite of this collection too. I thought it was the way the tree wrapped around the ball of the sun. It is shot quite close to my house, about a 30 minute walk.

  3. says

    I saw your spectacular image as a linked thumbnail at Our World Tuesday and had to stop by….glad I did. Such a treasure trove of beauty!! To answer your question about where to view the sunset…I live just a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico…I’d prefer to be there. And for me, it’s the cool [or warm] colors of SUNRISE for me. I love watching the moonrise also.

  4. says

    These set of photos is beautiful. Sunset are a favorite subject for me. Your photos remind me I haven’t observer a sunset (properly) in quite some time.

    • says

      Me too, that’s why it’s number one. If you come to New Zealand, I can take you to this spot – every night if you want. It’s about a 30 minute walk (or 5 minute drive)

  5. says

    I’m a sucker for spectacular sunsets wherever I am. However if you got to West Australia the sun sets over the ocean which is absolutely stunning. Your sunset photos are wonderful. 🙂

  6. says

    Stunning photos, Rhonda! I specially love the ones with yachts on it. Makes me dream about one day owning one and sailing into the sunset.. 🙂 I love when photos make your mind wander and this is exactly what these do!

  7. says

    Stunning photographs! Sunsets are so romantic. I love seeing them from the beach, although the sun sets behind the dunes for us, instead of over the water. Of course, my favorite place to enjoy them is from my front porch with my hubby and some tea. 🙂

  8. says

    Such gorgeous sunsets. I hope to make it to New Zealand within the next couple of years, but your photos makes me want to go to go there so much sooner!

  9. says

    It must have been therapeutic sifting through all your images (and a tad scary). I love the photo taken from your deck – it must be a beautiful place to live.

    • says

      I would not call it therapeutic, more of a stress inducer. It’s a massive project that is still unfinished. However, the reliving some of the memories is quite fun. As for our house, I am picked it for the views.

  10. says

    You started off with an especially great sunset photo. I really like the composition with the trees silhouetted in the foreground, the water and then the sun just about to disappear behind the hills. In fact, all the photos are fantastic. I like sunsets because you get another chance to see it every single day.

  11. says

    I love taking sunset photos too, Rhonda. Of all the moments in a day the sunset is probably the most beautiful one. Sunrises are equally beautiful if you are a morning person, but I haven’t seen that many in my life. I am a late sleeper, ha,ha,ha!

  12. says

    Are you kidding?! These are unbelieveable!! You weren’t kidding when you said New Zealand has some amazing sunsets! And Lightroom is seriously amazing! I tried a free trial but just couldn’t get nyself to take the plunge to paying monthly. Maybe one day!

    • says

      New Zealand has lots of natural beauty. I calculated the cost of monthly leasing a photo product over time was less than what I spent to outright buy a product and update it when it became obsolete.

  13. says

    New Zealand always seemed to have such beautiful sunsets and all of these photos really make me want to visit again, especially since I’ve only been around the South Island so far. (:

  14. says

    Hi, Rhonda. This is a beautiful collection. I love sunrises and sunsets. There’s just such an element of surprise to each one. Thanks for linking up! #TPThursday

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