Another Moroccan Waterfall Discovered As We Hike in the North

A 40 minute detour on our way back to Fes took us to the trail head for another Moroccan waterfall, this one in Akchour.

We gave our driver a bit extra to take us there.

Actually, it wasn’t that simple.

As we drove towards the parking area we were stopped by someone who wanted to be our guide.  He and the driver had a talk in Arabic, so we have no idea what actually transpired, but in the end we were paying for both our driver and our new guide. (I am laughing at myself as I write this.)

So we started out on the trail.  It was beautiful.

Akchour Waterfall hike in Morocco

I thought we only had to cross the bridge and walk a wee bit farther.

But the path kept going.

Then in the middle of no where we stumbled upon a Berber Restaurant.  I don’t think it was still in use, but parts of it certainly looked like they could have been.  And there was still a working toilet – if you can call a filthy hole in the ground a toilet. We sat at a table for the photo:

Moroccan Waterfall

A side path brought us to this mini Moroccan waterfall, and our new guide walked the girls through the water.  We have been traveling with teens long enough to know that their wet shoes the rest of the hike is not really my problem:

Check Out This Moroccan Waterfall

Akchour waterfall

Another bend in the path, and another Moroccan waterfall.

Moroccan Waterfall

We’re about an hour into this hike by now and knew it was nearing the time we needed to turn back. There was still no sign of the big waterfall.  Finally, I asked the guide.

Three hours.

The hike to the bridge before the waterfall is three hours.

That would be three hours at a normal pace, apparently we are slow as we stop so much.

We did skip it, but not until we saw this:

Beautiful morocco

Oh well.  It was a nice hike.

We used the Lonely Planet Morocco book when we didn’t have guides.

There are not too many, have you seen a Moroccan waterfall?

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    • Rhonda says

      I am with you on that one. We were not up for a six hour hike. We had no food, probably water and not sure if we had enough bug spray 🙂

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