Lord of the Rings – #AtoZ Postcards of New Zealand

L is for Lord of the Rings… or large.

Gollum from Lord of the Rings is larger than life and on display at the Wellington Airport in New Zealand

Gollum on display at the Wellington Airport in New Zealand

Practical Information: 

  • Wellington airport bills itself as the middle of Middle Earth.
  • The Gollum photoed on the page was installed in October 2012. The total exhibit has three fish and is 13 metres long and 3 metres high.
  • The Lord of the Rings trilogy utilised over 150 filming sites (and over 350 sets) in New Zealand.


Posted for the AtoZ challenge 2016. My theme: Postcards of New Zealand.

A to Z Challenge 2016

Are you a fan of Lord of the Rings? Does it inspire you to want to visit New Zealand?

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Gollum on display at the Wellington Airport in New Zealand
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  1. says

    HI Rhonda! Would love to see some of the Lord of the Rings stuff! We ran out of time when we were on the South Island in December. However, it looks like we’re planning a long weekend over the Anzac holiday to Auckland and surrounds. Just bought your book on my Kindle. 🙂 I’m curious, have you been or heard good reviews about the Hobbiton tours in Matamata?

  2. says

    Yes I am a bit of a Lord of the Rings fan and in fact I would love to see where they filmed it. That is why I’m coming over to visit Milford Sound next month which I believe was one of the locations for the filming of the movies. 🙂

    • says

      There are locations all over New Zealand, but the sets have all been removed. All you can see is the natural scenery. You will not be disappointed in Milford Sound. It’s stunning.

  3. Rosey says

    I have never seen it. Crazy, right? I think I’m the last one to catch up on it (when I finally do). The water inspires me to want to visit New Zealand!

  4. says

    I’m sure it’s inspired many a journey, and yes the photography was such a huge influence. I’d love to see many an exotic place, read your book today and it’s amazing. How many hours did it take to get all those links to work correctly. But wow, fabulous! This kind of key for all great tourist sites is a must!

  5. gastradamus says

    Lord of the rings is awesome, andy serkis is the man, dawn of the planet of the apes was incredible. Check out stories on my blog, I would like your input, I feel like you following would understand my writing.

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