Jungle John – a Stinky Loo in Guatemala

Yesterday I showed you a floating crapper, today we visit one stinky loo in the jungle.

Hubby and I traveled together ever before we were married.

On one adventure we found ourselves on a narrow, unpaved, bumpy road in Guatemala.

We were in a van with two other couples, and a driver / guide, and we were on our way to Tikal.

After a few hours of my bladder being tossed around, I asked the driver if there might be a toilet somewhere.

Looking out the window, there was thick jungle rainforest, an occasional spider monkey and who knows what else lurking in the trees. The other passengers, hubby included, laughed at me. But not the driver, he said he had friends nearby and I could use their toilet.

A bit more time passed, and I was getting desperate. I was thinking that in the future I won’t have coffee in the morning before a jungle road trip (not that this comes up all that often).

Eventually the forest thins, and random houses appear. He pulls off the road near a run down shack. There was laundry hanging out, lots of kids running around and stuff everywhere. In the corner there was a small shed with a moon shaped crescent.The driver pointed at a stinky loo.

a stinky loo

I could smell the stinky loo long before I reached the door. Not good. One of the women told me to “I wouldn’t go in there, just hold it. It’s only another hour.

They all agreed on three things: it was totally gross; they were waiting until we got to Tikal; I was nuts.

I was also obligated.

So I took a deep breathe, ran into the stinky loo, used it quickly, and opened the door to find the other five queued up to go in.

Go figure, I guess they just need someone to go first.

In case you were wondering, the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal are amazing:

Temple of the Great Jaguar in the Grand Plaza, Mayan Ruins, Tikal, Peten
Temple of the Great Jaguar in the Grand Plaza, Mayan Ruins, Tikal, Peten


This post is for the letter “J” – J is for Jungle John

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  1. says

    Reminds me of a similar incident when we were in Yugoslavia (this was in the 70s). Hubby summed it up best when he said that was the first place where he’d ever used the facilities and wanted to wipe his feet AFTERWARD. :(

    • Rhonda (Pukeko) says

      Eeeewwww! Welcome to my blog! I love new comments from new people with the same twisted sense of humor as I have. Thanks for sharing your story. Maybe we should all carry around some sanitary wipes when we travel.

    • Rhonda (Pukeko) says

      Thanks for the laugh! And, yes that would have been worse. I am loving the challenge, how about you?

    • Rhonda (Pukeko) says

      LOL – thanks for the laugh. I think this is my new favorite comment. :)
      And, you make a pretty good point, we are currently planning a trip to Samoa.

    • Rhonda (Pukeko) says

      LOL – I don’t know that one was pretty bad. Welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting. I am off to check out your blog too.

  2. says

    When nature calls…enough said.

    I have had experiences like this, and I have chosen to go, every single time. You don’t get to travel much if you’re fussy :)

  3. allison says

    What a funny story! I especially love “I was thinking that in the future I won’t have coffee in the morning before a jungle road trip” – who would have ever thought that’d be an issue in their day!

    – allison writes
    allison recently posted…Junk into Jewels

    • Rhonda (Pukeko) says

      Thanks. And I follow that rule still today. If we are headed out on a long drive, I pass on the morning coffee.

    • Rhonda (Pukeko) says

      Thanks Julie, I got one more for you tomorrow, then I think I will switch to a different topic for a while. They just fell out as i-j-k.

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