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If I am to understand correctly, my task is to share my best healthy tips, as I am participating in today’s Get Heatlhy blog hop hosted by Stepehn TrempAlex CavanaughL. Diane WolfeMichael Di Gesu.

The official objective: Share with everyone something you have done that affected your health in a positive way. . . . Then it goes on to talk about weight loss, healthy eating, exercise programs and the like . . . well, look at me.  Clearly this is no longer my area of expertise. However, I am happy, healthy and positive.

And the timing couldn’t be better!

Here are the things I have done this week to focus on my health:

  • Today I had my annual mammogram.  As I stood there topless with my bare breast being smashed between two icy cold metal slabs I mentioned to the tech that my teens were just making jokes about this very thing thing this morning.  She suggested I turn it to my advantage, leave out the part where I mentioned it wasn’t that bad, and tell the girls I can’t do dishes or housework for a week.  Get Healthy Tip 1: Let the kids do the housework and dishes for a week.
  • We returned to homeschoolilng.  For anyone who has had a wonderful homeschool experience, and then tried school, you know my life has just returned to normal.  If you have never tried it, you might find it hard to believe me when I say my life is actually less stressful without all the restrictions of the school.  You have heard that old husband expression – Happy Wife, happy life  . . . for us it’s more like Happy Teens, happy, happy, happy life.  Get Healthy Tip 2: Sleep in.
  • I joined a women’s sailing squadron and took a took an outdoor photography workshop.  These are two of my three favorite activities (sailing, photography, travel).  Get Healthy Tip 3: Skip sailing on rainy days.
  • I bought plane tickets, planned our next family travel adventure to the USA and included family and fun. Get Healthy Tip 4: Follow Your Dreams and then add a side trip to Alaska
  • I tried a new diet that a friend found.  It’s simple.  You eat what you want on five days per week and you fast (not really, they give you 500 calories) for 2 non-consecutive days.  Well I was starving by evening and found the solution.  Get Healthy Tip 5: When Life Gets too difficult, or you are starving for no reason, eat chocolate.

Clearly I could use some good eating tips, so if you have joined the blog hop, be sure to let me know in the comments, so I can read your tips.

PS: If you missed yesterday’s post, I have two photos in a contest and need your votes.  They don’t make it easy to vote, but the prize is awesome.  Click Here to vote (you have to like the page, then scroll down to find my entries).

Here are mini versions of my photos, or see yesterday’s post on Capturing Motion:

capturing motion capturing motion

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  1. says

    Hi Rhonda .. love the healthy tips – and that thought to get your family doing the dishes makes sense! So pleased you’re going to be doing the States and then that treat trip to Alaska .. sounds good .. and happy kids makes a lot of sense! Cheers Hilary

  2. says

    ew, mammo!
    good idea, make em work. i have trouble getting my boys to do any housework, let alone their homework! cant imagine homeschooling them. but if you get into a groove, its easier i’m sure! beating your own rhythm!

    sailing? fabulous!
    and i hope you make it to cinci! i know it isnt exciting, but i live next door to kings island, the biggest theme park/water park in the midwest, so they say! let me know!!

  3. says

    Hi, Rhonda,

    Thanks for the laugh… Your tips are awesome… A sense of humor is SO needed to keep the MIND healthy. Which, in itself, plays a huge part of our physical health…

    CHOCOLATE is a must…. BUT if you’d like a healthier alternative. THINK THIN as in Bars.. they are my absolute favorite power bar … with twenty grams of protein and a DELICIOUS chocolate taste… BROWNY CRUNCH is a must. If you can’t find them in your health or grocery store, you can get them on Amazon…. YUM… that way you can have your chocolate and not feel guilty!

    Your photos are AWESOME! Good luck! I’ll drop by an vote now.

    Thanks for joining the HOP!

  4. says

    I love your tip that included sailing and photography (which is beautiful!). I really enjoy doing things that feed my heart and soul. Yay us! I’m so glad I stopped by your blog on the Get Healthy hop– I think I’ll stick around. I like what I see!

  5. Stephen Tremp says

    Following your dreams gives you purpose to wake up in the morning. research shows this helps in living a long healthy meaningful life.

    Great tips and thanks for participating in the Get Healthy Blog Hop!

  6. says

    I thoroughly enjoyed this! GL with the results of the Mammogram and Ido hope the kids take over the housework for you for the week :D
    Skip sailing on rainy days… done. Eat chocolate? Sure, I can manage to convince myself that life is difficult… even if it means I’m sitting content on the couch and the only difficulty I’m facing is that I have to get up for the chocolate. It works out, I think…

  7. says

    Don’t you just love those mammograms. I don’t either.

    Eat chocolate? That works for me.

    I never can find anything on Facebook. I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled. Then I gave up.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  8. Laura Eno says

    Can I have the whole 500 calories in chocolate, please?
    Yes, someone else must do the housework after a mammogram… ;)
    Just saw Michael’s suggestion up there for a chocolate protein bar. Yum!

  9. says

    I had to snork when I read this, lol! But, seriously, it is so important to find things that make us laugh–it’s healthy. Finding things to feed our spirit–healthy and colors how we deal with life.

    Homeschooling. I hear you on that! I did grade 10-12 with my son. Much better than going to school–for my teen, anyway.


  10. says

    Great tips! #1 especially made me giggle. :P

    As for good eating tips, I’ve found it’s better to eat small meals and snacks every three hours or so instead of just eating three large meals a day. Starving yourself is too taxing for the body!

  11. says

    It’s hard to lose weight if you are home and near the fridge. I even heard of using one of those face masks you use when you have a cold, to remind yourself not to snack, etc. But that is too grim for me. The vacation idea sounds the best.

  12. says

    I quit mammograms. I didn’t like the one I had. But, I like the tip about having the kids do housework and dishes for a week. I think my daughter believes I love doing it.

  13. says

    I think you could start a health blog … these are some of the most sensible suggestions I have ever heard. Throw in an afternoon nap (I fear I am seriously getting old now) and I am yours!

    I am trying to get healthy too. I have just attended a raw foods, smoothies, juice, etc workshop in Howick and loved it. Today Miss 8 and I made raw brownies (Home Ec… check). Gosh I hope they work out or the kids are going to mutiny!

  14. says

    Hahaha. LOVE your tips, especially the chocolate one. And I know what you mean about school being so restrictive. Good luck in the contest. I really like your photos and feel you captured motion quite well.

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