Drawing With Light – A Very Cool Night Photo Technique

Drawing with light was the final activity of the night photography workshop I took last week.  After learning how to capture the shot, our instructors did the drawing:

Drawing with light

Drawing with lightThey sure made it look easy.  Here’s what we learned:

  • With the long exposure, we can set up the tripod shot and then be in it.
  • It’s not easy, but it is fun!

We got into groups of three and here are our “student” photos:

Drawing with light

Me sitting in a boat holding an umbrella.

Drawing with light at night

Vili in a spacesuit

Multiple exposure

Multiple exposure at night

Writing with light

Writing our names with light – Rhonda (that’s me), Vili, and Nicki.

What do you think of drawing with light? Do you have a favorite?


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    • says

      Mark (instructor) did the drawing on that one. I am sure he has had lots of practice. The hard part is remembering where your lines are, as you don’t see a “drawing” until the photo is complete.

  1. says

    Hari OM
    This really captures my imagination – you just know I am going to HAVE to have a go at something like this!! Great fun.

    Other’s can linky over at MY PLACE. YAM xx

  2. says

    Brilliant shots Rhonda, I love the multiple exposures and the car. The options are endless as the creativity just starts to flow.. So glad you had a good time :-) Hope to see you again soon

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