Don’t Carry Fish on the Metro – A Funny Sign

The sign says it all, so when in Dubai – Don’t Carry Fish on the Metro. I laughed when I saw this funny sign. I hope you do too.

Don't Carry Fish on the MetroPhoto ©Rhonda Albom 2012-2013.  All rights reserved.

Do you think it would be ok to take fish on the metro if it were in a paper bag?  What about a fish in a zip lock bag? A cooler?  I wonder what the fine would be if the fish were filleted and cooked up?

So, if you want to stay out of trouble with the Dubai Police, here are a few extra travel tips for  Dubai:

  • Dress respectfully.
  • Don’t carry fish on the metro.

  • Don’t bring a laser pointer into the country (hubby still doesn’t really want to talk about this one).

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  1. says

    Well isn’t that strange! They must have had trouble with people carrying fish if they had to make a sign saying it was against the law lol.

    Happy WW!

  2. says

    Gotta admit that I’ve never thought about carrying a fish on any public transport! How about a fish bowl?? You are one brave lady to travel the world with teens and a tween…but geez, I’ll bet it is the trip of a lifetime! Have fun and Happy WW!

  3. says

    As kitties we are not in favor of this rule. How do the mommies and daddies get the nummies home? And we want to hear about the laser pointer…another thing we are fond of. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette.

    • says

      Poor kitties. I guess you will have to walk, or take a bus. Just not the train if it is fish day. And as for laser pointers, lets just say don’t try and bring one into the country.

  4. says

    Okay I definitely will not carry the fish on the Metro. This is strange and also funny!

    Thanks for hosting and please do drop over and add your link to my blog too!

    Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy WW! :-)

    • says

      If I wasn’t so tired I am sure I could have come up with some silly rhyme. I could see this as the cover to a Dr. Seuss book also, although they probably would ban it in the middle east.

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