Dazzling Beauties – An Accidently Inappropriate Shirt From My Dad

Here is a funny little story from my sister about her dazzling beauties.

Well, not exactly about her dazzling beauties, but rather about her eloquently reciting “dazzling beauty.”

No, I think it is actually a story about our Dad.

In retrospect, it is just a story about the English language, small world and colloquialisms.

A  long time ago, when we were in High School, my sister was in a one act school play entitled Ugly Duckling.

Years later, our father would perform in the same play, but that really doesn’t contribute to rest of the story.

My sister was very excited and dad was very proud.

She practiced her lines line over and over.

“Dazzling Beauty”

“Dazzling Beauty”

“Dazzling Beauty”

So, much so, in fact that our dad decided to buy her a dazzling beauty t-shirt.

He searched far and wide across the lands, but couldn’t find one, so he had it made.

Only instead of saying “Dazzling Beauty” it said ” Dazzling Beauties.”

And instead of being the proper size, the shirt was too small, fitting quite tightly with the words almost appearing as if they were a label.

Need a visual?

Funny T-shirts

Holidays are great for telling old stories.  This one resurfaced just last week.

Would you wear a dazzling beauties shirt?

Thanks to my dad and my sister for being good sports and letting me share this story today. It made me laugh, hope it did the same for you.

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    • Rhonda says

      Are you implying that they are not dazzling this many years out of high school, or that the words simply need to be lower down.

  1. says

    I read it over again – I’m still chuckling, even though it happened to me :) …And they really were quite dazzling, if I do say so myself!
    Aaaaah the memories of “Dazzling Beauties, Dazzling Beauties, Dazzling Beauties…”

    • Rhonda says

      My dad is pretty clever, even when he isn’t trying to be.
      Thanks for commenting Arlee, nice to see you here again.

    • Rhonda says

      LOL – today is the first day of summer in New Zealand. At least it is sunny, but it has been really cold here too. Of course it is on a different scale, you know New Zealand Summer cold – 15/16.

  2. says

    Hi Rhonda .. great little or big sister joined in – fun post .. and the new one looks just right … til the white goes a little the wrong way like the drooping ones … sad really the way life disappears in front of us downwards!! Enjoy the memories and it is mighty freezing over here – cheers Hilary
    Hilary recently posted…One for the boys – Bond cars …

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