Chicken Dress Complete With Bottom Feathers at Auckland Museum

Generally I don’t go to museums to laugh, but when I came upon this chicken dress in the Auckland Museum, what else could I do:

Chicken Dress

chicken dress

No kidding, this chicken dress, made from chicken and pheasant feathers along with cotton and Lycra is called “Cocktail.” Clearly a play on words, which eluded me at first when, in my mind, I translated “cocktail” to “formal” and wondered who on earth would wear such a disaster to a “formal event.” It was only as I wrote the word, that the real humor set in. And if you missed it, it’s a “cock” “tail” dress, complete with the tail feathers:

chicken butt feathers

dress in Auckland museum

Can this really be called fashion?

It really is located in the Auckland Museum and was designed during my teen’s life time.
I think it is a bit ridiculous, what do you think?

I couldn’t resist reading the chicken dress history, and summarized it here:


This dress was designed by Francis Hooper and Denise L’Estrange-Corbet in 1997. They are the founders of the innovative Auckland New Zealand fashion house WORLD which was established in 1985. In 1997 they were nominated to show internationally, for the first time, at Australian Fashion Week. This event brought them international attention and critical acclaim. Fashion icon and Art Dirctor of “Italian Vogue” Anna Piaggi, came backstage to commend them on their work, and in particular, this dress.

Speaking of the Australian Fashion Week, next to the chicken dress (and another interesting dress displayed to it’s right) is a large screen playing footage from the catwalk.  I was able to capture a not that great of a shot, but it’s the best I could do.

Australian Fashion Week ugly dress

feather dresses

Be honest, would you wear “Cocktail”?  I might wear it to a costume party, but I doubt it, as I do like to sit down once in a while.  (Plus, I am a probably a bit older than the target demographic for said dress).

My final question –

Is This Chicken Dress Fashion Or A Fashion Faux Paux?

Photos ©Rhonda Albom 2007

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