Celebrating Small Things in Life

Celebrating Small ThingsCelebrating small things in life is such a great recipe for happiness.

I have seen this blog hop on several of the blogs I follow for a few months now, and finally decided to join in.  First, a quick thank you to Viklit over at Scribbings of an Aspiring Author for hosting Celebrating Small Things.

What am I celebrating this week:

  • Family time! – I am proud of my girls for making a smooth transition first to trying school, and now to returning to homeschooling.  They had the rare opportunity to discover that the grass is not always greener on the other side, and now things are even better than ever!
  • Hubby time! – We went out on a date and had silly fun.
  • Teen time! – I helped my daughter design and create a sewing project from mosquito netting.
  • Travel time!  – Big plans all coming together loaded with extended family – I can hardly wait to see everyone I love!
  • Sleep time! – I actually got 8 hours continuous sleep last night.
  • Me time! – I completed a Photoshop class.  Check it out, I learned how to do some really cool things:

I change the color from green to purple.



Original poster supplied by my instructor


I cloned several of the people, so the dark haired girl appears twice, the blond 4 times and the blonde guy in the center twice.


Original “woody” provided by my instructor

woody copy

We learned how to bend and move shapes.

I am also celebrating as a proud mom:

  • Our 13 year old has just signed up as an individual in the World Vision 40 hour famine  (she had planned to do it with the school but we are not enrolled any longer).  She will spend next weekend without food (at her age WV only allows her 20 hours) to raise money for children who starve on a daily basis without choice.  Each $40 she raises will establish a kitchen garden to help feed 5 children in Bougainville, Paupa New Guinea.  She is gathering funds $1 at time with a goal of $400.  Go Sarah!
  • My other daughter has volunteered as a weekly Pippin jr. leader.  (Pippins have a different name in UK and USA, they are the pre-Brownies).

(If you want to help out by sponsoring my daughter, or just see how she is doing,  here is the link (every $1 helps): Sponsor Sarah Albom in the 40 hour famine

Are you celebrating small things today?

Let me know what your celebrating this week.

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    • Rhonda Albom says

      LOL – I don’t know anything about Stargate, it was just the poster she gave us.
      Date night was awesome :)

  1. says

    Lots of lovely celebrations here and welcome to the bloghop. Hope your daughter’s fundraising goes well next week.

    PS I would LOVE a purple car if I send mine over can you change it just as easy!

    Have a fun weekend.

  2. says

    Nice to hear your all happy, those photos are great well done although I’m surprised you didn’t stick your own faces on the photo that would have been a giggle heheh!

    Well done also to your daughters :-)

    Have a fantasticated Saturday/Sunday ( I get all mixed up with the time zones)
    stevebethere recently posted…The Blonde & The Crabs

    • Rhonda Albom says

      I am really mixing it all up, I was late, doing Friday on Saturday. It would have been cool to add myself, but it wasn’t our assignment.

  3. says

    You have much to be thankful for. Yes you do. This is a great exercise to look at all things positive. I like that.

    I celebrate being on the right side of the grass every single day.

    Have a fabulous day. :)
    Comedy Plus recently posted…The Ant

  4. says

    Great list of celebrations!

    Good for your daughters, going back to homeschooling and enjoying it more AND joining good causes, you must be proud.

    That sounds like a great photoshop class and date night is always a good thing, especially when you have silly fun 😉
    S.Katherine Anthony recently posted…Let’s Celebrate!

    • Rhonda Albom says

      Oh, you should try a date night. We do it so rarely, but it is always a good thing. As for the PS, thanks. It was a five week class that just ended. It was pretty fun.

    • Rhonda Albom says

      Thanks Lexa. It was a good week, and my first time doing the hop, so I didn’t realize that I over-did it a bit.

  5. says

    It truly sounds to me like you have a well-rounded like with kid, hubby, sleep and you time all in one week! I understand about needing to try elsewhere for a while before you realize that where you were is the best for you. I did that with my church – needing a break and trying out a different church for a while. Now I’m looking forward to going back “home” tomorrow.

  6. says

    Great celebrations! I am always in awe of home schooling; I just don’t think I could do it. Kudos to you! I’ve also always wanted to learn how to use PhotoShop…maybe I’ll take a class!

    Stopping by from Celebrate the Small Things!
    Brandy recently posted…Photo-a-Day – 1: B is for…

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