Chefchaouen: Photographing the Streets of Morocco’s Blue City

Classic scene in Chefchaouen, the Blue City in Morocco.

Chefchaouen is unlike most other places we have been. With a sordid, almost secret history, it’s a walled Moroccan city founded in 1471. A refuge and haven for Jews and Muslims during the Spanish Inquisition, Chefchaouen banned Christians (punishable by death) until the 1920s when it was temporarily captured by Spain. Today it is probably […]

Visiting a Bedouin Camp in the Moroccan Sahara

One of the more solid structures at a Bedouin camp in the Sahara desert in Morocco

When we were invited to visit a Bedouin camp while in the Moroccan Sahara, we were not sure what to expect. We were greeted with warm smiles, hot tea, and a style of hospitality that made us feel less like tourists, and more like long lost friends. As we drove through the Sahara desert, we first […]

Colors of the Sahara Desert: A Travel Photography Exposé

Classic image of the camels with the colors of the Sahara in the background

The colors of the Sahara are more dramatic than we expected. The array of golden-orange that paints the sand dunes is both impressive and ever changing. We visited Morocco several years ago as the last stop on our around the world adventures. Here are some of the photo highlights from the Sahara desert: Interesting Information The […]

Lightning Over Jbel Kissane, Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Lightning over JaLightning over Jbel Kissane in the Anti-Atlas Mountains of Moroccobel Kissane in the Anti-Atlas Mountains of Morocco

Before the rain pounded down on us we watched lightning strike just beyond Jbel Kissane, the tajine-shaped mountain in the distance. Jbel Kissane is one of five mountains that make up the Anti (or Lesser) Atlas Mountain range in south-eastern Morocco. The storm continued for hours, although it was nothing compared to the flash floods […]

Macaque: The Tale of a Tail in Malaysia and Morocco

Macaque eating a banana at Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Spotting wild monkeys always makes us smile when we travel. My first encounter was long before I met hubby. We were drifting down the Belize River at dusk when my friend’s father pointed out the howler monkeys up in the trees. This was in the days before I had a digital camera, and the photos […]

Photo Tour: The Medina of Essaouira Morocco

Colorful spices in Essaouira Morocco

The Medina of Essaouira Morocco (an UNESCO World Heritage Site) offers all of the traditional images one would expect in this North African country. Saturday I shared about the beach in Essaouira and many of the comments asked for more of the clichéd Moroccan images.  With over 15K photos from our trip around the world, it […]

Essaouira: We Saw Surfers, Horses, and Camels on this Moroccan Beach

Essaouira Morocco on Horseback

Essaouira Morocco with its warm days, exotic aromas, cobblestone streets and an eclectic mix of beach goers was the first image that popped into my head when asked by Lexa Cain to join a blog hop about my favorite summer vacation spot. I have been to cleaner, more beautiful beaches on tropical islands like Fiji […]

eXpert Craftsman in Morocco ~ #AtoZ AmaZing Photos

Coppersmiths Hammer Pots and Other Wares in Seffarine Square in the Old Medina of Fez, Morocco

It seemed that everywhere we went in Morocco we met talented craftsman, many creating things by hand which are so frequently mass produced in the Western world that we often forget the expert craftsmanship required to create these things. We spent a bit over a month in Morocco in 2012, and I can’t wait to […]

Gourds for Sale at the Side of the Road in Morocoo


A quick flash back to Morocco.  We drove by these gourds for sale while heading North from Fes, towards Chefchaouen (the blue city): A closer look at the gourds:   After doing a bit of research, I believe these gourds are Slaouia. While they are frequently thought of as a squash, they are actually an edible gourd found […]

Interesting Doors, Gateways, and Archways of Fes Morocco


Doors, archways, and gates are fascinating.  They are an insight into another world. The Moroccan city of Fes is one of my favorite places we have visited, and loaded with interesting doors and archways. We liked Fes so much we took a seven hour train ride to return for a second visit  visit before we […]

Police Pockets Are for Payoffs (AtoZ Travel Tips)

Oil Libya

Police pockets are for payoffs, and there is no hiding it in Morocco. As we drove through the interior we frequently came upon road blocks.  Our tale is best shared in a short story I recently took 2nd place for in a writing contest.  The rules: maximum 250 words  starting “I laughed silently” Dad Knows […]

Dolls Hanging Around by their Necks in a Shop in Morocco

Hanging Around - Hanging dolls for sale by their necks in Fes, Morocco

Travelling and shopping in Morocco and the rest of the under-developed world is always interesting, sometimes bordering on the bizarre, like when we saw these dolls hanging around by their necks in a shop in Fes. Look who’s hanging here . . . These dolls were seen in the medina in Fes, one of my […]

Casablanca – Not The Romantic City of the Movies

cows in casablanca

Casablanca Morocco. I had visions of such a city and they didn’t match my reality. It is the final stop on our 250 day adventure around the world. Tomorrow we head home. It’s a long day . . . 8 hours Casablanca to Dubai, 9 hour layover, and then 18 hours home including a quick […]

Another Moroccan Waterfall Discovered As We Hike in the North

Moroccan Waterfall

A 40 minute detour on our way back to Fes took us to the trail head for another Moroccan waterfall, this one in Akchour. We gave our driver a bit extra to take us there. Actually, it wasn’t that simple. As we drove towards the parking area we were stopped by someone who wanted to […]

Barbary Macaque at Cascade D’Ouzoud: A Moroccan Waterfall

Morocco waterfall

Just three hours north of Marrakesh is a spectacular waterfall – Cascade D’Ouzoud.  The hills surrounding it are loaded with greedy little barbary macaque.  They are old world monkeys, a species of macaque found outside of Asia with a vestigial tail. Once we spotted one, we saw them everywhere. They are quite adorable, but wild so we kept […]

A Stunning Drive Through the Todra and Dades Gorge, Morocco

todra and dades gorge

Morocco is just so filled with beauty.  Around every corner there is paradise, and our drive through both Todra and Dades Gorge was no exception. Actually, this was two days of travel. Two days to complete what could have been a one hour drive had we not stopped, often. We were in awe of this: […]

Cooking With a Berber Family in Central Morocco

cooking with a berber family

Today we did some cooking with a Berber family. It amazes me how hard the “simple life” really is. We are staying in a most wonderful guest house in Tisselday, a small town between Ouarzaruate where they make most of the movies filmed in Morocco and Marrakesh. Our New Zealand neighbors had stayed here last […]

A Donkey Parking Lot in Morocco

donkey parking lot

Are you wondering, what is a donkey parking lot? It’s exactly what it sounds like, it’s where you park your donkey. Really, in the Moroccan town of Rissani, near the Algerian border, people often travel to the weekly market via donkey. For those that do, this donkey lot where they leave their animals tied up […]

An Interesting Drive to Agdz Morocco

Agdz sunrise

Today we toured the kasbah in Ait Ben Haddou, then drove west through Ouarzazate, traveling further into the desert and over the Atlas Mountains to Agdz Morocco. Our first stop was lunch in Ouarzazate, a town most known for the movies made here. We opted to skip the tourist movie set, but did picked a restaurant from […]

Traditional Moroccan Market: Off the Beaten Path in the Sahara

vegetable market

A traditional Moroccan market is quite different from the tourist markets we see in the bigger cities. We spent a week touring and driving across Morocco from Essaouira on the Atlantic coast on the west to Sahara within 20km of the Algerian border. As we drove east we noticed the people dressed and lived more traditionally. They call it […]

Our Hammam Experience – Something I Will Never Forget

hammam in morocco

Whenever possible we participate in the local traditions and Morocco was no exception as evidenced by the multiple carpets we have purchased. Today the girls and I tried hammam, a traditional Moroccan bath.  And when I say “traditional” I really mean it.  We had to choose between the one aimed at tourists, and the public […]

Goats in Trees And the Making of Argon Oil

Argan trees with goats

Really, we saw goats in trees. We are really enjoying Morocco and ready to explore some of the lesser known areas. We left the beach this morning and headed first south along the coast, enjoying hours of stunning beach views, intermixed with a few mud brick buildings. Driving here didn’t seem as frightening to hubby […]

Sahara – More Moroccan Desert Photos

Merzouga desert photo

The Moroccan desert is stunning. I hope you enjoy these Moroccan desert photos. The first is the view from the Kasbah we stayed at in Merzouga.  The flat portion just beyond the hills, in the right hand side of the photo is Algeria.  We were about 20km away from the border Erg Chebbi desert, which […]