Moscow’s Novodevichy Convent: Dramatic Architecture and History

Novodevichy Convent in Moscow Russia

Novodevichy Convent and Cemetery is one of the more interesting places we visited in Moscow. Built in the 16th and 17th centuries, it had close ties to the Kremlin and is interwoven in Russia’s political, cultural, and religious history. Novodevichy is Russia’s only convent that served as both an ancient nunnery and a fortress. Today it […]

People Watching on Arbat Street in Moscow Russia

Street musicians on Arbat Street in Moscow Russia

Arbat Street in Moscow is not quite like anywhere we had been before, yet it seems every town has somewhere similar. In Moscow, “The Arbat,” as it’s more commonly called, refers to the old Arbat Street where visitors find a kilometre long pedestrian-only road lined with souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants, artists, street performers, and a few random museums. […]

Russian Security Is Serious – Learn From Our Mistakes

russian security

Russian Security Is Serious.  Here is your chance to learn from our mistakes.  Today’s travel tip: When in Russia, don’t go through security gates unless you know how it works, and what is on the other side. Fortunately, our airport encounters with Russian security were without incident. I really wish I had  filmed our encounter […]

Bribes Often Work: Ask To Use An ATM If You Need More Cash

blatant request for bribes

Bribes were a way of life growing up in Chicago a long time ago so I am not sure why I was so shocked by blatant requests for bribes in other countries. Visualize this: We have rented an apartment on Wenceslas Square, in a fun part of Prague (Czech Republic).  We have just driven in from […]

Prague Photos: Charles Bridge and Prague Castle

prague pretzels

It’s a good thing our schedule is very flexible.   Apparently there was a major festival going on in Munch, so there were no rooms available, at least none that we could afford.  So we stayed in Prague an extra day, added a night in Regensburg and then a visit to Dachau and finally on to […]

Random Prague Photos: Garra Rufa Fish, Severed Hand, Shiny Bits

garra rufa fish

Are you ready for our three most bizarre stories from the capital city of the Czech Repbulic, along with some random Prague photos? Oddly, all three stories in some way involve body parts. From hands to feet and boy parts in the middle, Prague was a fun and interesting city. Feet First, some feet eating fish. […]

A Tour of The Old Jewish Quarter in Prague – One Of Europe’s Oldest

The Old Jewish Cemetery

Standing in the Prague Jewish Quarter I experienced a flood of different emotions. History is all around as the area contains the oldest Jewish European synagogue, cemetery and other artefacts. It contains some of the only surviving Jewish buildings of WWII, thanks to a bizarre plan for the structures. Czechoslovakia had become a protectorate of Nazi Germany […]

National Museum of Prague and Oldest Working Astronomical Clock

The Prague astronomical clock was installed in 1410. The lower dial has one day for each day of the year.

Prague is an amazing city that hubby will tell you about here, as Sarah and I are still sick. At least he and Melissa had a wonderful daddy-daughter day. Guest Post by Jeff Albom With half of our party under the weather, Melissa and I made an easy day of the National Museum in Prague […]

Hospital and Police in Berlin and Prague: Not our Best Days

Wenceslas Square

Hospital and police . . . let’s start at the beginning. After three days of increasing sickness and sleep, I decided it was time to seek medical attention. I am pretty sure my reality was altered by my illness, but this is how I remember it all: After being assigned a bed in the emergency […]

Photos: Russian Tanks, Missiles and ICBM On The Street in Moscow

russian tanks

Seeing the huge Russian tanks, missiles and other weapons of mass destruction driving down the street that is right next to our Moscow hotel was quite an overwhelming site.  The emotions ran high, ranging from fascination to realization and fear. In some ways we are so lucky!  Not only did we get to march in Moscow’s […]

Marching in the Moscow May Day Parade

Moscow May Day parade

This was no ordinary Moscow May Day Parade, and how we ended up marching in it is a bit surreal. May Day, or Labour day in Russia is on May 1. It’s a day of celebration for workers and unions. The annual May Day Parade marches from around the corner of our hotel to Red Square. […]

Moscow at Night: Photos of St. Basil’s, Red Square, Bolshoi

Moscow's Red Square at Night

Moscow at night is even more colorful than it is during the day. It is springtime, and the sunsets late, with light until about 9.30. This gave us a late start, but we were determined to see some the best Moscow at night sights. Most of the streets seemed somewhat busy, and we generally felt quite […]

Moscow Metro as a Destination – Tips Before You Start

moscow metro statue

More than just an easy way to get around the city, the Moscow Metro is a destination in itself. Many of the stations were built in the soviet era. They are clean, loaded with art work and history and each one is different. Moscow Metro tours seem quite popular, but we opted to do it […]

Photos Highlights of our Tour Inside the Kremlin – Moscow, Russia

in the kremlin

Home to the President of the Russian Federation, the Kremlin was always a bit of mystery to me. Seen in movies, it always appeared to be a forbidden destination. Now I know it is pretty easy to get a tour of the Kremlin. As our free Moscow city tour earlier in the day came to an end, or guide […]

Highlights of Moscow: Red Square, St. Basils, Seven Sisters, More

Red Square in Moscow, Russia

Moscow is one of those cities that I have always wanted to visit. I had great fantasies about intrigue and drama, Russian dancing and puppets, food and friendship. Honestly, I am not sure what I was really expecting, but Moscow did not disappoint. After two rest days Dubai, we are ready for Russia.  We know Moscow is […]