Opera Houses Built to Stand Out ~ #AtoZ AmaZing Photos

Sydney Opera House

We went to Australia to celebrate my 50th birthday, as a visit to the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge were on my bucket list.  Then, a year later I saw the magnificent Opera House in Muscat, Oman.  Sydney’s Opera House is built in expressionist style, while Muscat chose a combination of Islamic and Italianate architecture. […]

Desert Floods in Oman ~ #AtoZ AmaZing Photos

Desert floods in Oman

The desert floods in Oman evoked an interesting reaction. We witnessed the wonderment of children who rarely see swimmable wadis (a ravine that is dry except in the rainy season), and the bewilderment of the adults that looked on. Sadly, six people drowned that day in the Arabian desert as the dry ground was incapable of absorbing […]

Camels Make Great Transportation and Delicious Burgers (AtoZ)


Camels.  What would I do with 100 camels?  Honestly, this will never be a real issue in my life, as I turned down the offer. So, hypothetically, What would I do with 100 camels? Let’s explore the options for the letter C. (as part of the A to Z blogging challenge) Camels do make great […]

Standing in a Truck – A Different Way To Travel In Oman

men in truck

Once we left the city of Muscat, seeing men and kids standing in a truck was a common site in Oman. Our guide thought it looked like fun, I thought it looked dangerous, what do you think? Standing in a Truck Photo © Rhonda Albom 2012, taken outside Misfat, Oman This is a Wordless Wednesday […]

Cow In Truck, Standing In The Cab in Oman

Cow in Truck

As we were driving in Oman our guide and driver pointed out the front window and simply said, “Cow in truck.”  I looked up, I laughed, I took a photo. Here it is: Cow in Truck Cow In Truck, On the road between Muscat and Nizwa in Oman © Rhonda Albom 2012 This Is a […]

Ephesus: Turkey’s Wonder of the Ancient World


Ephesus is one of my favorite ancient sites so far, interesting and stunning.  Having stellar weather helped to, offering clear blue skies. Honestly, we almost skipped this ancient Greek treasure. We our cruise ship docked in the port of Izmir, Turkey for only half a day. When I read that Ephesus is a bit over […]

Istanbul’s Key Sites and a Carpet Shopping Story

Istanbul Turkey

We had a long cruise ship port stop scheduled for Istanbul, Turkey and planned to tackle it without a guide. We knew the city highlights, and even had downloaded a self guided city tour.  The only free city tour I could find was in the evening and the timing just wasn’t going to work out for […]

Bastakiya and the Old Souqs in Dubai


Bastakiya, finally I found somewhere I like in Dubai. We had a wonderful guide named Wahleed who took us on a walking tour of traditional Dubai at Bastakiya. The narrow streets clearly show what Dubai was like prior to the oil money. Homes were built close together in this way to give shade and to […]

We Went Snow Skiing in the Desert at Ski Dubai

ski dubai

Traveling with two teens who are both former junior national snow sports champions in New Zealand, you know we had to stop at Ski Dubai. Both girls were really keen to give it a try and to able to say they they snowboarded and skied in the desert. Ski Dubai is about 4 times the size […]

Abu Dhabi: Grand Mosque, Other Highlights, and Driving Tips

Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Opting to visit Abu Dhabi as a day trip from Dubai was not a good choice. Abu Dhabi is a city worthy of its own visit of days, maybe weeks. With only a day including the two hour travel time each way, we had to do an express visit. It was enough time to fall in […]

Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa: World’s Tallest Building

View from the top of the Burj Khalifa the worlds tallest building in Dubai

After a week in Oman, the Dubai Mall felt very comfortable, albeit a bit overwhelming. We visited this massive mall as it is home to the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. And, our girls are at the age where shopping malls are rather attractive options. We could practically live at the Dubai Mall, as […]

Bedouins, Dhows, Sink Holes and Camel Riding in Oman

getting on a camel

A two day excursion south of Muscat Oman brought us a far south as Ras Al Hadd and included stops to meet Bedouins, swim in a skin hole, watch dhows being hand built, and ride a camel. First we went south to Ras Al Hadd to see the turtles nest and to watch the newly […]

Desert Floods in Oman: Rain Fills Wadis and Takes Out Bridge

Wadi rain storm in Oman

A desert flood. The rainstorm was like nothing we had seen before. As we were returning from the Grand Canyon of Oman to Muscat, we could see the ominous clouds up ahead and our guide, Khalfan, received a phone call from his sister in a village  about 30 minutes away via car.  She called to […]

The Grand Canyon of Oman, Misfat and Other Spots in the Interior

grand canyon of oman

Did you know there was Grand Canyon of Oman? It was news to me. But stunning, just like the one in Arizona. I am finding everything in Oman to be fascinating. Following from yesterday’s Oman photos, so our interior tour continues here. All photos on this page © Rhonda Albom 2012. All rights reserved. Did you know […]

Nizwa Castle, Fort and Souq in the Palm Desert Oasis in Oman

Nizwa fort and tower, Oman

Today we are off to the interior of Oman with Sunny Day Tours.  We met Khalfan (our wonderful guide) in the lobby at 7.00am for the start of a very long day.  Khalfan had told us yesterday that Nizwa is a rather conservative town and recommended we adhere to the general guidelines for respectful clothing […]

Photos of our Favorite Sites in Muscat Oman

Al Jalali Fort Muscat

So much to see in Muscat (Oman), but we need a driver. Hubby is getting the hang of haggling and negotiated a great rate a half day of Muscat highlights. We started with the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque often considered to be the world’s most beautiful mosque. It is the third largest mosque in the […]

Entering the Sultanate of Oman – An Amusing Delay at Immigration

oman bridge

We arrived in the Sultanate of Oman and the crowd split between returning residents and a queue to pay for your entry visa. We followed the foreigners, purchased our 10 day visitor visas and went on to immigration. When we reached the front hubby handed the officer our passports, and we patiently waited as they […]