Tekapo: A Stunning South Island Lake – #AtoZ Postcards of NZ

Beautiful azure lake Tekapo on the South Island of New Zealand

T is for Tekapo . . .  or turquoise waters. Practical Information:  Lake Tekapo is one of three lakes in the Mackenzie basin on the South Island. It’s about halfway between the Christchurch and Queenstown Airports, making it an ideal stop to break up the six hour drive, or a destination on its own. Water from the lake is […]

Glacier – #AtoZ Postcards of New Zealand

Walking on Fox Glacier on the South Island of New Zealand

G is for glacier . . .  or glacial ice. Practical Information:  A glacier is a river of ice that is slowly moving downhill. Fox and Franz Josef are the two best known glaciers in New Zealand, and are often considered to be the most accessible glaciers in the world. They each travel through subtropical rainforest, […]

Yellow Eyed Penguins in New Zealand: World’s Rarest Penguin

The yellow eyed penguin is considered the world's rarest penguin. Photo in New Zealand

We stood quietly in the trench, a hiding hut for humans. Here we waited, and then watched as yellow eyed penguins headed to their nesting boxes. It’s important that these endangered birds remain undisturbed. Watching quietly from our hut, we were so well hidden the penguins didn’t know we were there. Their nesting boxes seemed […]

Catlins Rainforest – New Zealand’s Often Missed South Coast

Purakaunui Falls in the Catlins Rainforest, South Island, New Zealand

It’s been eight years since we drove through the Catlins rainforest along the southern coast of New Zealand’s South Island. We have done a lot of traveling since then, yet the Catlins is still one of my favorite spots. Looking at the old photos, two things occur to me, first our girls have grown up […]

Views from Mount Iron Summit, Wanaka New Zealand

View of the Southern Alps from the top of Mount Iron in Wanaka New Zealand

Several years ago we hiked to the top of Mount Iron. It only took about an hour, and the views from this glacier-carved rocky knoll are rather impressive. The 4.5 km loop track climbs 250m to reach the Mount Iron summit, and is labeled as an easy walking track. From my memory parts were steep, […]

Photos of Lake Tekapo: Is This New Zealand Most Beautiful Spot?

Views Lake Tekapo New Zealand

Lake Tekapo caught me by surprise, and without being too cliche, it took my breathe away. The first time I saw it we were tired. We were in a hurry, making the 24 hour drive from Auckland to Wanaka without plans for sightseeing.  We were way too focused on our destination, and suddenly hungry. Lake […]

Weekend Travel Inspiration: Backroads

WTI Wanaka Backroads

Driving along the backroads of Wanaka on New Zealand’s South Island I stopped to capture the perfect moment. Later, looking at the photo it reminded me of a quote from Chinese author Ma Jian, “Everything I was I carry with me, everything I will be lies waiting on the road ahead.” ~ Ma Jian Whether […]

Photos of Mount Cook – Flying Over New Zealand’s Tallest Mountain

Mount Cook - New Zealand's Tallest Mountain

Flying over Mount Cook, New Zealand’s tallest mountain, was an unexpected bonus on an already spectacular helicopter flight.  While driving up the rugged west coast of New Zealand’s South Island we stopped in the Fox Valley. Many years earlier, when the girls were really young, we had visited and after leaving made a decision that […]

Kahikatea Swamp Forest Walk Along Ship Creek in New Zealand

Ship Creek swamp forest near Haast in New Zealand

The west coast of the South Island of New Zealand is nothing short of spectacular. Around every turn there seems to be a rare and hidden treasure. Along Ship Creek we found the ancient Kahikatea Swamp Forest.  It is considered to be New Zealand’s best example of a swamp forest.  I thinks it’s beautiful, even […]

Azure Waters and Swing Bridge at Hokitika Gorge, New Zealand

Hokitika Gorge in New Zealand

Hokitika Gorge, on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand is one of those magical places I will remember forever.  Just in case, I took some photos: We didn’t go farther as around the next bend we noticed a ceremony releasing ashes into the water.  I can see why someone would want […]

Hike to Monro Beach-Spotting a Fiordland Crested Penguin

Tawaki - Fiordland Crested Penguin

The hike to Monro beach, through New Zealand’s subtropical rainforest region is spectacular on its own. With the added bonus of seeing a Fiordland Crested Penguin, this is now one of our most special days in New Zealand. The Fiordland Crested Penguin is one of the rarest penguins in the world, and one of the few […]

Moeraki Boulders – Let’s Solve This New Zealand Mystery

Alien Egg? At Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand

New Zealand is full of mystery, wonder and spectacular scenery. Moeraki Boulders, the huge spherical rocks on Koekohe beach on the South Island  combines all three and is one of my favorite sites in the country I now call home. I have always been strangely attracted to these boulders and the mystery behind their origin.  […]