Blood Moon over New Zealand: Beauty or the Apocalypse

Blood moon over New Zealand

Often called a blood moon, the red cast during last month’s total lunar eclipse offered me this series: Albom Adventures featured Amazing Auckland from AtoZ for the 2015 AtoZ blogging challenge throughout April, which is why you are seeing these photos today, rather than last month. Why is the moon red ? As the earth eclipses […]

Find South with Stars: Things I Learned at Carter Observatory in Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand's largest refracting telescope is in Carter Observatory, Wellington, New Zealand

From the big bang to space exploration, Carter Observatory in Wellington took us through time with colorful exhibits. Sarah and I visited during our recent mother-daughter adventure. We went on Saturday night in hopes of seeing the  refracting telescope at work. We were tired after a morning Walk Wellington tour and a visit to the […]

Does Toilet Water Spin the Opposite Direction Across the Equator?

Water Spin the Opposite Direction

We get asked all sorts of interesting and fun questions about our travels.  One that comes up often, and again yesterday: Does the toilet water spin the opposite direction when we cross the equator? Living with a rocket scientist has its advantages, we know the answer, and it applies to more than just the toilet […]

Drawing With Light – A Very Cool Night Photo Technique

drawing with light

Drawing with light was the final activity of the night photography workshop I took last week with Three Little Wishes Photography.  After learning how to capture the shot, our instructors did the drawing: They sure made it look easy.  Here’s what we learned: With the long exposure, we can set up the tripod shot and […]

How To Separate Water – Our Homeschool Science Project


Do you know how to separate water? To be honest, I didn’t even know it was possible. Sure, I knew that water was H2O.  I even knew that was two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen. I just had no idea you could return them to their gas forms. Check it out:   And, it’s […]

World-Schooling: Things My Girls Have Learned Traveling


For us, home schooling is an exciting adventure, it is a journey, not a chore. Geography, culture, history, language we did via world schooling. It’s a relatively new term and difficult to define. To us, world schooling is learning while being out in the world, a form of unschooling, mixed with self-schooling, and travel. In 2012 we […]

Is “Spelled” Spelled “Spelt”? (Kiwi vs American English)

We homeschool. We always have, and when we moved to New Zealand we began using New Zealand workbooks. “Circle the words that are spelt incorrectly.” That was the instruction in my daughter’s first English book in New Zealand.  She was 5 when we moved from America.  As I read out loud I pointed at the […]