Auckland Artweek: Highlights of Street Art and Laneways

This spray chalk and stencil carpet is one of the temporary exhibits in Auckland Artweek, New Zealand

It’s Auckland Artweek. A colourful event encompassing much of the city with free walking tours, gallery exhibits, workshops, and lectures. It’s a coming together of all things artistic in our city. Last weekend hubby and I joined two walking tours: Laneway Art Circuit and Street Art Walk. Heart of the City is one of the […]

Ten Reasons to Visit the Chocolate and Coffee Show in Auckland

Chocolate by Makana at The Chocolate and Coffee Show in Auckland New Zealand

I don’t need ten reasons to visit a Chocolate and Coffee Show. The name is enough. It lasts for only two days each year in Auckland New Zealand. And let me tell you, they are two great days for a coffee and chocolate fan like me. For those who need a bit more motivation, here […]

Impressive da Vinci Machines: Traveling Exhibit now in Auckland at MOTAT

A flying machine designed by Leonardo da Vinci in the traveling da Vinci Machines exhibit.

Leonardo da Vinci was a genius who was hundreds of years ahead of his time. Whether you know of him as an artist, an inventor, a designer, an anatomy expert, or a renaissance man, you will probably discover another facet of his brilliance at the Leonardo da Vinci Machines exhibit. Traveling around the world, it is now in […]

Top 10 Reasons to Visit this Year’s Auckland Food Show

Forty Thieves at Auckland Food Show

The doors to the Auckland Food Show open promptly at 10am, and along with a few hundred other people we head in for some of the best the country has to offer. Food, drinks, kitchen equipment, and cooking demonstrations, it’s all here under one roof. This is my second year attending the Auckland Food Show and […]

Pasifika: A Celebration of Pacific Island Culture

Cook Island dancers at the Pasifika Festival in Auckland New Zealand

Capturing the atmosphere at the Pasifika Festival with only a digital cameral is virtually impossible. Yet I had to try. This annual Pacific Islands-themed festival took place this past weekend in Auckland New Zealand. Attracting close to 100,000 visitors, it is the largest festival of its type in the world. As you enjoy these photos, breathe in the aroma […]

2015 Auckland Festival and Event Highlights: A Photo Review

New Zealand Stopover of the Volvo Ocean Race Around the World - an Auckland festival of fun

Auckland is a fun city that knows how to throw a party. As the year winds down, I thought I would share photo highlights, starting with some of the Auckland events we attended in 2015. See if you can guess which was my favorite Auckland festival. (My highlights series will also include the best of Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots and my […]

MOTAT Christmas Lights Raise Money For Auckland Children

Steam train at MOTAT's Christmas lights display in Auckland New Zealand

Celebrating the spirit of giving, MOTAT has strung up their Christmas lights, opened their gates, and raised money supporting Auckland Women’s Refuge and Starship Foundation. The event began a few weeks ago and goes until Christmas Eve, so there is still time to join the fun. All proceeds from the $2 entry fee will buy gifts for children. […]

Photos: Danse Macabre – A Halloween Dance of Death at MOTAT

The Danse Macabre (Dance of Death) at The Olde Hallows Eve festival at MOTAT in Auckland New Zealand

In honor of the impending Halloween, MOTAT invited in the past, who came in with a vengeance. This year’s Olde Hallows Eve celebration was themed the Danse Macabre, the Dance of Death: no matter one’s station in life, the Dance of Death unites all. Despite it’s theme, Danse Macabre was a family friendly event with […]

Colorful Photos of Auckland Diwali Festival in New Zealand

Dancers at Auckland Diwali Festival 2015 in New Zealand

The excitement and energy level at the Auckland Diwali Festival was contagious. The music fostered movement both on-stage and in the crowd. It is a colorful, jubilant gathering of the sights and sounds of India. We walked up from lower Queen Street, coming upon craft and clothing booths just past the Air New Zealand cockpit […]

Auckland Boat Show: Both on and off the Water

Auckland on the Water Boat Show 2015 - New Zealand

I never thought it would happen. Yesterday I fell in love with a catamaran at the Auckland Boat Show. Sleek, sexy and welcoming, she is large enough to live aboard, yet her rigging is compact enough to allow her to sail single handed. Best of all, I can see 360 degrees from the helm. At […]

Photos: A Steampunk Convention in Auckland New Zealand

Aethercon Steampunk Convention 2015 Auckland New Zealand

Today I attended Aethercon 2015, the annual steampunk convention in Auckland, New Zealand. Last year’s steampunk convention was my first exposure to this genre, or subculture. This year I was better prepared, as I had a basic understanding. In its most simplified form: steampunk is a genre of science fiction, based in Victorian era that […]

Calling All Foodies: Don’t Miss the Auckland Food Show

Auckland Food Show in New Zealand

Despite my new healthier eating habits, I was excited about heading to the Auckland Food Show.  My expectations were high, after all, I love food. And this is one show that doesn’t disappoint, far exceeding any expectations I had.  From the moment we entered we were bombarded with culinary sensations to tempt the palate. This […]

Winter Fun: Auckland Ice Skating Rink in Aotea Square

Ice Skating in Auckland Aotea Square, New Zealand

One of the great things about living in Auckland is that this city never misses a holiday. If there isn’t one coming soon, we create one. This week we are celebrating winter. The 30 X 16 metre Auckland ice skating rink adds a bit of fun and magic to the season in a region of the […]

Chocolate and Coffee Show: A Reason to Live in Auckland

Chocolate Shoes

Like a vacuum, I could feel it sucking me in as I approached the Auckland Chocolate and Coffee Show. What a perfect combination, a paradise found. With nearly 40 vendors displaying their wares my sweet tooth could finally be satisfied. Whoever thought of a chocolate and coffee show is brilliant.  And good news, it’s on […]

War Memorial: 100th ANZAC Day in Auckland (#AtoZ)

100th ANZAC Day dawn parade Auckland War Memorial Museum, New Zealand

The Auckland War Memorial Museum came alive this weekend as Saturday was ANZAC Day. This year’s dawn parade was a solemn and moving ceremony. It marks the 100th anniversary of the WWI landing in Gallipoli and the ensuing battle, which ended badly for the ANZACs. ANZAC is an acronym for Australia New Zealand Army Corps. […]

Volvo Ocean Race Around the World – New Zealand Stopover

Crossing the start line at the Pro-Am during the New Zealand stop over of the Volvo Ocean Race.

Auckland knows how to throw a party, and I could feel the excitement in the air as I approached.  First there was information about the race, then the live music,  but I was too excited to stop and read much. I just wanted to see the boats.  A few more steps and there they were, […]

Photos: International Buskers Festival On Auckland’s Waterfront

Bike Boy, Busker's Festival, Karanga Plaza, Auckland, New Zealand

Entertaining, colorful, funny and with a bit of edge of your seat excitement, the International Buskers Festival is one of my many annual highlights of Auckland anniversary weekend.  With five locations along the Auckland waterfront, and performances over three days there was plenty of amazing talent to see. Here are a few of our favorites […]

Auckland’s Seafood Festival – A Culinary Anniversary Treat

Oysters on the half shell

Calling all foodies: the Auckland Seafood Festival is not to be missed. If you are a fan of seafood, be sure to come hungry. There are a few items to sample, although be prepared that most items cost a bit of additional money. It’s a culinary treat, and one of many exciting activities taking place […]

Photos: Auckland Celebrates Hanukkah in the Park

Lighting the candles on the first night of Hanukkah in Auckland

Tonight marks the first night of Hanukkah, the eight night Jewish holiday often referred to as the festival of lights.  In Auckland, Hanukkah in the Park is a celebration of music, story telling, food and candle lighting. This evening’s weather was a bit of challenge, as it is surprisingly cold and shockingly windy for a […]

A Tree of Bikes and Other Signs of Christmas in Auckland, New Zealand

Childfund's Tree of Bikes, one of many signs of Christmas in Auckland, New Zealand in Auckland, New Zealand

As I walked up Queen Street on a drizzly summer day I could see signs of Christmas in Auckland everywhere.  It may never be a white Christmas here, but New Zealand knows how to celebrate, as well as how to offer the compassion of the holiday season. Using my favorite form of public transit, we […]

Photos: Giant Santa, a Holiday Icon in Auckland, New Zealand

Giant Santa and his reindeer in Auckland

Auckland almost lost an icon this year. The giant Santa and his reindeer have been saved, although he has lost his creepy wink and almost inappropriate beckoning finger.  About a month ago, after 54 years of tradition (this is a really long time for New Zealand), Heart of the City announced that there will be no […]

A Twisted Victorian Tale: Halloween at MOTAT in Auckland

Halloween at MOTAT

A Twisted Victorian Tale was the theme of this years Halloween at MOTAT, the first decent Halloween event I have been to since arriving in New Zealand eleven years ago.  To be fair, Halloween in not a New Zealand holiday. It’s only come into favor in recent years. Called “Olde Hallows Eve“, the evening at MOTAT […]

Dangerous Duties: Dangers of the Sea at Auckland Maritime Museum

Climbing up the mast of the Breeze at Dangerous Duties and the Voyager Maritime Museum in Auckland

This past weekend the Voyager Maritime Museum in Auckland had a special open day dedicated to the most dangerous duties at sea.  The highlight for my teen was getting an opportunity to climb up the rigging on the Breeze. There were many different rescue boat and life boats present. Thinking about spending any time in one […]

52 People Set A New SUP World Record in Auckland, New Zealand

Successful attempt at new provisional SUP world record at Auckland Viaduct Harbour on Sept 27 2014

Imagine for a moment, 52 people on one stand up paddleboard (SUP) traveling for 100 meters. It was perfect.  As a spectator I could feel the excitement as the back of the board crossed the finish mark and the new provisional Guinness SUP world record was achieved at the Auckland on the Water Boat Show in […]

Living the Dream at the Auckland on the Water Boat Show

Auckland On the Water Boat Show

It’s easy to visualize my life as a multi-million dollar super yacht owner whilst I standing on-board a $5 million dollar vessel. It’s not mine, however, the fantasy is made so easy at the Auckland on the Water Boat Show.  With nearly 200 exhibitors and over 200 boats, it’s easy to live the dream in […]