Casablanca – Not The Romantic City of the Movies

We are in Casablanca. I know what images used to appear in my head when I thought about Casablanca. I laugh at those now.

Oh, and did I mention we are going home?

Yes, we are done.

Turns out Casablanca is our last stop and we fly from here.

Long Haul – 8 hours Casablanca to Dubai, 9 hour layover, and then 18 hours home including a quick landing in Melbourne, Australia.

So, why not enjoy Casablanca for a day before we go.

The birds are pretty cool:

birds in casablanca, Morocco

Actually, they were more interesting if you approached that fenced area in the center:

Casablanca town center

The mosque is amazing:

Mosque in Morocco

The shopping mall is so modern it is surreal.  You can easily forget you are in Africa, forget you are in a Muslim country and even forget you have left home (although in our case the Casablanca mall was bigger and brighter than the malls in New Zealand).

What annoyed us most about Casablanca was the filth and the cab drivers we encountered.  As with all the big cities, the Petite Taxis take only three persons so we need to get two taxis.  The hotel called for us and negotiated that we would pay the meter price plus 15 dirhams to stop at the Mosque.

From the mosque we could see the mall. A straight line along the coast.

We knew something was up when the two taxis, while driving, pulled next to each other and the drivers had a chat in Arabic.  Then we turned off the main road. We saw this:

cows in casablancaEww, the cows and the rubbish was a bit much for our last day.

Finally we got to the mall, the meter read 50 dh and I produced that but our driver said no, it’s 120 durham.  I don’t think so.  Just then hubby sticks his head in our window to say his meter says the same, 50dh and his driver also wants 120dh.

We have been here long enough to be really tired of the unofficial “tourist tax” added to things, so while hubby and the drivers were discussing this, I simply said,

“There’s a policeman over there, I am going to ask him.”

As expected, the policeman told us we only have to pay the meter price.

The driver was angrily shouting after us, “Don’t call green taxi again”  As if we would.

FYI, this didn’t turn our view, I still love Morocco and will miss it.

Honestly, I am sad to be going home.

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Visiting Casablanca in Morocco may not have been quite the experience we were expecting, but nevertheless it was an interesting and amazing end to our yearlong OE trip. For more information, and to see the rest of our journey around the world, visit the blog.

All photos ©Rhonda Albom 2012

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    • Rhonda says

      It was really sad to see the cows eating the rubbish, combined with being annoyed because we knew the cabbie was taking us the long way to jack up the meter..

  1. says

    Well that was a trip and a half you have all just completed although you have had a great time you must be totally knackered when you get home you will either be relieved or totally bored after a few days LOL

    Have a safe and pleasant journey home :-)
    stevebethere recently posted…The Longest Nerve

  2. says

    Well, this is the way it is! You always have some perception before going to a place instilled into us by mass media, hollywood movies etc… And then it turns out it’s all totally different! That’s why I love traveling so much to strange destinations 😉 My best advice: Throw the TV out and go explore the world to see the way it is for yourself! :)
    Tom recently posted…Ihlara Valley and The Gorge, Cappadocia, Turkey

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