Can You Handle The Truth? – Part II The Answers

Did you play Can You Handle The Truth? the other day? I posted two truths and a lie and charged you with the task of identifying which was false.  If you didn’t play, stop reading now and head over to Animal Stories to make your guess.

This game was part of a blog hop hosted by Jamie Ayres to celebrate the release of her new book, 18 Truths. Following the rules, the book is now released and it is now time to tell the truth.

~Spoiler Alert~

The choices:

  1. In Gibraltar a barbary macaque (monkey) grabbed my sunglasses off my face. Quickly he took them back to his owner/trainer who sold them back to me for €2.
  2. In Morocco we saw goats climbing trees.
  3. In Malaysia my daughter was invited to join the keepers and give an elephant a bath in a stream and then she rode him out of the water.

Just over half of the comments thought number 1 was the lie, while the other votes were evenly split between option 2 or 3.

Here are the real stories:

1. We have never been to Gibraltar, however the wild monkey’s poaching from unsuspecting tourists and selling back the belongings is a common tale from the area. The Barbary macaque photo I supplied is from our visit to the stunning Cascade d’Ouzoud in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco.  The monkeys there also steal glasses, but we were careful not to get too close. My best shot of the day is now a poster:

Morocco waterfall

2.  Also in Morocco, near the town of Taroudant, the goats climb argan trees as the first step in the process of making the argan oil.  We have noticed this magical oil featured in all sorts of hair and skin products lately. For some reason they never seem to mention that the first step in the process is gathering the undigested argan pits from the waste of goats. While I have read that some is made with more modern techniques, we were invited into a home where the women were hand grinding the seeds.

Can you handle the truth?

3. Technically, we were all invited into the stream to bath the elephant, mostly by splashing water on him.  Hubby and I stood on the side, while the girls each had a chance, and then Sarah was the lucky one to ride the elephant out of the stream. 

elephants in Malaysia

Lucky Sarah got to be the one to ride the elephant out of the water.

Congratulations to the winners who voted for #1: Alex, Lisa, Julie, Shere, Elsie, Steve, Kristina, Julie, and our host Jamie Ayres

Truth or Lies?  Can you handle the truth? Did you guess the lie correctly?

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  1. says

    I’m so excited that I finally got one right! Thanks for including my name. I love the photos, especially your gorgeous poster! How exciting that your cute daughter got to ride the elephant! Rhonda, thanks for your message, and I hope you got my reply. Oh, and congratulations on becoming one of Alex’s minions!

    • says

      Thanks for the idea to write it this way. Sometimes there is an advantage to being late in the process. :)
      Yes, I got your message, and I will be flat out busy in April now, but it will be fun :)

  2. says

    Well, you’re the 3rd one I guessed right . . . not a great average for me, eh? It’s okay though–it was FUN! Thanks for posting :-) I liked you on FB and will keep up with you for sure!

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