Eeewww! Stinky Bubbling Mud in Rotorua, New Zealand

The best thing about the strong sulphur smell oozing from the bubbling mud is the reaction of children. Holding their noses and making faces as the mud boils, resembling a natural witches cauldron.

Stinky Bubbling Mud

Girls standing in front of a mud pool in Rotorua, New Zealand

Rotorua is located in the geothermal region of the North Island of New Zealand. Here you can find geysers, hot springs, boiling mud pools and hissing craters.

Have you been to Rotorua? Have you seen bubbling mud anywhere else?

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    • Rhonda (Pukeko) says

      Eeewww for sweaty gym clothes thrown all over your house. Tell your boys I said to clean it up 🙂 I am sure that will help – LOL.

    • Rhonda (Pukeko) says

      LOL – I am guessing you have never been to Rotorua. You can smell it as you approach. Very active geothermal region. Strong sulfur smell, but the bubbling mud is the worst.
      Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

    • Rhonda (Pukeko) says

      LOL – I didn’t think so. (To My readers: check out Joyce’s yummy Wordless Wednesday photo to see what she is talking about.)

    • Rhonda (Pukeko) says

      Hi Cyn, Rotorua New Zealand is famous for being stinky – actually it is famous for being an active geothermal region with geysers and bubbling mud. If you are a child, it is the stinky that you will remember.

    • Rhonda (Pukeko) says

      Thanks. They sure have change over the years, but that is one of my favorite photos. And yes, the bubbling mud in Rotorua is extremely stinky.

    • Rhonda (Pukeko) says

      We were just there again in Oct. so not really a fair question. Rotorua is only about 4.5 hours from here.

    • Rhonda (Pukeko) says

      The mud and the sulfur from the geothermal activity. I will post more about it tomorrow. It’s not all of New Zealand, only this one particular geothermal region.

  1. Rhonda (Pukeko) says

    Finally, someone who understands about stinky geothermal regions. I have been to yellow stone. they are similar, only the US geyser is predictable, the NZ big one is pretty random.

    • Rhonda (Pukeko) says

      Yes, it would smell just like going to Yellowstone. That geothermal sulfur is quite a memorable smell.

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