Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots #38 – 2015 Photo Highlights

Wow, it’s 2016 already! Time feels like it just flew by last year. Although this is technically my first post of the new year, here are my (Sarah’s) 2015 photo highlights, the majority are from New Zealand (links to each article the photo can originally be found on are in the descriptions):

Leaves, Kapiti Coast in Wellington, New Zealand. Copyright Sarah E. Albom 2015; for more photos of Wellington, visit the blog

Leaves on one of the trees at my AFS camp on the Kapiti Coast in early december. It was sunny most of the weekend, making for great sun-dappled shots.

Harry Potter - Copyright Sarah E. Albom 2015; for more photos of 2015 photo highlights, visit the blog

A Gryffindor from the Harry Potter universe. This was taken at the Auckland Armageddon in October 2015.

Star trail from the southern hemisphere - taken in New Zealand. Copyright Sarah E. Albom 2014; for more photos of 2015 photo highlights, visit Albom Adventures

A star trail photo of the night sky taken on our driveway of the Milky Way (which is the light blue tinge across the middle of the photo). This photo had a shutter speed time of 30 minutes, which is how it achieved the long star trails. The cluster of four, relatively bright stars over the Milky Way on the bottom half of the photo make up the Southern Cross.

One of the walls outside of a mall in Sydney, Australia, was formed with lengths of woven rope. Copyright Sarah E. Albom 2015; for more photos of Sydney, visit the blog

One of the walls of a building we passed in Sydney, Australia was formed with interwoven rope, which made for a very interesting sight and some cool textures.

Lips of Temptation - a Memento Mori-themed photo where death is symbolised by the coloured apple and the coloured lips symbolise the temptation of death upon the living.Lips of Temptation is a Memento Mori-themed photo that I took in March. I was inspired to take this photo by artist models from Irving Penn and Anne Noble, and I polarised it to try and help communicate how the boundaries between life and death can often be blurred. This photo is part of my NCEA photography course.

Fungus on a tree, Shakespear Park, New Zealand - Photograph copyright Sarah E. Albom 2015; for more photos of 2015 photo highlights, visit the blog

Fungus on a tree in Shakespear Park in late winter. I don’t know what kind of fungus it is, but I loved the contrast of colours.

Sunrise silhouette over the cliff tops, Auckland, New Zealand - Photograph copyright Sarah E. Albom 2015

Sunrise silhouette over the cliff tops on the way out of the Gulf Harbour marina. Photo taken in May 2015.

Lolita posing on a picnic blanket at the Very Vintage Day Out, Alexandra Park Raceway, Auckland, New Zealand - Copyright Sarah E. Albom 2014; for more photos of 2015 photo highlights, visit Albom Adventures

A friend posed for a picture by this cute picnic setup in the outdoor section of the April 2015 Very Vintage Day Out, an annual vintage-themed event taking place in Auckland.

Giraffe spots at the Wellington Zoo in New Zealand. Copyright Sarah E. Albom 2014; for more photos of 2015 photo highlights, visit Albom Adventures

The rump of one of the giraffes we saw while at the Wellington Zoo in February.

This is the final of three 2015 photo highlights articles posted by my mum and I over the last week. The other two articles are Albom Adventure Highlights and Festival and Event Highlights. Be sure to check them out!

Sarah’s Sunday Snapshots will be continuing next year and will follow my adventures on my student exchange to Santa Fe, Argentina. To fundraise for my trip many of the above images (alongside others from previous years) are available on postcards, mugs, posters, and more at my Zazzle store Sarah Albom Photography.

What are your favourite 2015 photo highlights? I am headed to Argentina in 2016, where will you be?

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Albom Adventures 2015 Photos: A Year In Review
White Silica Sand of Rarawa Beach in Northland, New Zealand


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    Hi Sarah – they are a wonderful mix of photos … the one that intrigues me is the rope wall .. is it rope, or is it masonry … almost looks like it’s been built rather than woven. The giraffe – they are amazing creatures .. and the stars – it must have been difficult leaving the camera out there for 30 minutes of exposure … I’d have been dashing out to look! Amazing photos .. and it’s great you’re so good with your ideas … cheers and here’s to a very happy year ahead for you and the family – Hilary

  2. says

    Sarah, This is a stunning set of photographs. I love the light in the first one of the leaf, the details of the wall and giraffe rump, the portraits, the setting sun. This variety has me thinking you had a very interesting year. Thanks for sharing! Monica

  3. says

    Happy New Year Rhonda. I’ve enjoyed your blog immensely and I plan on continuing check on the beautiful photos that both you & your daughter put into the blog. I’ve also enjoyed New Zealand. I didn’t really know how beautiful this country was but now I know. Thank you. Until your next post, see ya my friend.

    Cruisin Paul

  4. says

    Every picture is so different. I love how you do a great job in all the various styles (and I had no idea that giraffe’s had spots with different colors on them.) Have a great 2016, Sarah!! 🙂

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